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From the Pastor – May 2017

From the Pastor

We are resurrection people. As Christ-followers we are representatives of a risen Lord for a world that desperately needs to hear some good news. I said in a sermon recently that Easter does not end at sundown on Easter Sunday. Just like those first followers who experienced the empty tomb, the Easter story becomes the story that shapes our lives. Where others see only despair, we know there is always hope. When others believe that evil is in complete control, we know that God has promised that evil, oppression, death, and destruction will not have the final word.

If we are resurrection people, then it is not enough for us to worship in our sanctuary once a year, or even once a week. Christ may be found in the church, but he never stays there. He is always out in the world where the work of God is being done, and we must meet him there.

Recently I read of a group of faithful people who were described as “praying with their feet.” It was a beautiful way of describing the fact it was not enough for them to pray in their homes or in their churches. The faith they expressed in their prayers needed to be put into action. I see people praying with their feet every time someone discovers a passion for helping someone else more fully live their life. They get up and get to work. They give of their time and their energy. They join others who are standing on the side of love, regardless of whether or not it is politically convenient or if people think they are acting crazy. They develop creative solutions to address complex problems. They inspire others. They do whatever they can wherever they can to make the world a better place. That is praying with your feet, your hands, your whole body.

The summer will be here very soon. That means that many of you are already eagerly anticipating times of vacation and travel. I know how busy you are. I know you need a time of rest. I also know that this means you may not be able to be with us for worship and Bible study on a weekly basis. While you are away let me encourage you to practice exercises of faith that will keep you connected with God and with your faith community.

Find ways to pray with your feet this summer and to witness resurrection. As you work, play, and live your life, take notice of moments in which you recognize the presence of the risen Christ in the world around you. It may be in a moment of peace as you witness a beautiful sunset. It may be in a moment of joy as you laugh with your spouse or your children. It may be as you enjoy a good conversation and cup of coffee with a friend or coworker. It may be in a moment in which you are able to offer love and service to someone in Christ’s name. It may be in a moment when a neighbor or a stranger offers Christ’s love to you.

Wherever you see resurrection and experience the risen Christ, capture that moment and share it with us. Share it via email or Facebook. Help us stay connected as we go our separate ways this summer. Help us recognize the presence of the risen Christ in the world around us. Help us be a church that celebrates and participates in resurrection.

Christ is risen! Go and meet him in the world.

Rev. W. Mattison King